Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Over the river, and through the woods...

Our trip up north to visit great gram went off without a hitch (almost). We played at the park, took lots of pictures of the beautiful changing leaves, played finagle until way after our bedtime, ate gourmet cupcakes from the Cocoa Bean, drank a couple of gallons of Reed's chocolate milk, played army guys on the great rock wall, and bowled several games at the local bowling alley. It was a success. The trip home however, was nearly a complete disaster. Having to make an urgent bathroom stop only to realize that the only gas station in the town was closed on Sundays was bad, very bad. Having to take your 7-year-old behind that said gas station into the field to do his business was even worse. Then only a few short miles down the road, I found myself sitting in the back seat holding a plastic grocery bag that then became a barf bag. Why did I feel guilty leaving that on the side of the highway? I'm not sure what's worse, finding a tucker bomb, or a bag full of barf. It's a toss up. Road trips are always interesting with a child who gets car sick. Thankfully the great moments overshadowed the not so great ones, and the time spent with great gram was so precious. It really was a great trip, and we were so sad to leave.

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