Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today is your birthday, shout hooray!

 me and my mama circa 1977

Today for me is both a day of reflection & celebration.  I reflect upon the great loss our country suffered 11 years ago, but I also have great reason to celebrate.  Today is my beautiful mother's birthday.  She is the absolute heart & soul of our family.  As a single mother, she managed to work full time, raise three small children, & put herself through college at the University of Utah.  I am grateful for the countless hours she dedicated to helping me with homework, nursing me back to health when I was sick, listening to hours of arguing in the car during long summer road trips, attending numerous dance & piano recitals, teaching me how to whistle & snap my fingers, but most of all I am grateful for her example to me and my little family of courage, faith, strength, service, & integrity.  Mom, our lives are blessed because of you.  Happy birthday, we love you!

my mom & me at the airport as I left for my mission to British Columbia, Canada.

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