Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Samantha Pynn: Summer Home

  Designer Samantha Pynn is back for the second season of HGTV Canada's "Summer Home".  I've always loved Samantha's comfortable, coastal aesthetic.  It's effortless, relaxed, and can very easily translate into practically any setting.  Take this space for example

Samantha says, "I can imagine the entire space transplanted into an urban condo.  The floors would probably be dark hardwood or concrete and the walls would be painted drywall, but everything else could stay the same".  I can definitely envision this room in an urban setting.  Can't you?

Since this summer cottage was not winterized, hardwood flooring was out.  Using vinyl floor tiles, Samantha was able to achieve that rich hardwood feel without compromising the look of the room.  Vinyl has come a loooong way hasn't it?

Why not keep those antique pieces, and transform them with a little bit of paint and a fun pattern?  This little blue hutch is now a standout piece due to a fresh coat of blue paint and a touch of pattern on the inside.

This space is so airy, fresh, and has that lived in comfortable feel thanks to a mix of furniture pieces, textures, and touches of refreshing color.

Here's hoping we get to see her here in the US this summer!  Pretty please HGTV?

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