Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cabin fever

 With the kids home on Christmas break, I've considered heading to the hills to a cozy cabin retreat free from TV, video games, and cell phones. There would be no fighting over toys or who's turn it is to pick the next TV show.  It would be completely technology free.  We would spend our time enjoying the crisp mountain air, taking nature walks in our snow shoes, and I would melt into my favorite leather chair with a cup of hot cocoa in front of a warm fireplace.  This is what I envisioned..

This quaint little country cabin would be just right.
I would spend my mornings on the back porch watching the snow fall with my hot cocoa and herringbone throw blanket.
The boys would collect sticks, and build snow forts, and I would bring my red welllies.
The master would have emerald green accents and exposed wood beams

The kitchen would have wall to wall windows and vintage barstools
There would be a stone wall good for organizing hats and bags,

and an elegant dining room
The bathroom would have a reclaimed trough sink for the dirtiest little boy messes
and a library full of vintage books
There would be a comfy reading nook with objects collected from the outdoors
and a welcoming and relaxed family gathering place
The might be a screened porch bedroom with starry night views
or perhaps rows of beds with curtains
bunk beds would work too
I'm certain this bedroom would suit my boys just fine
and we could spend warmer days in the outdoor living room soaking in the mountain scenery.

It will all fit into that quaint little cabin, right?

*all images via my Pinterest*

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  1. If I ever get a cabin in the mountains, you'll have to decorate it for sure!


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