Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not a creature was stirring.....

....except for these little mice.

On Monday, I took my boys to see the Nutcracker.  It's a ballet that I've attended since I was old enough to put on ballet slippers and a tutu.  My dad has worked for Ballet West, and the Utah Opera Company for 20 plus years, and it was always a big event as a little girl to go to the ballet.  I was always anxious for the show to end so that I could head back stage and try on the costumes.  I would climb under mother buffoons skirt, pretend to be Clara, carry around the Nutcracker, and twirl around on the stage.  That was my little girl dream come true.  My boys on the other hand?  They wanted to know where the guns and swords were, and were more interested in the the death of the mouse king.  They both agreed that that was by far their favorite part of the entire ballet.  After all, what little boy doesn't like a good sword fight?

The highlights of the night included:
  1. Eating giant rice krispie treats
  2. Sitting above the orchestra pit
  3. Both of my boys falling asleep in their seats.
  4. Nathan asking me if he had to wear a tutu when we went backstage.
  5. Spencer pointing out the dancer's "underwear" every time they did a lift.
  6. Trying on the mouse heads.
  7. Working the spotlight.

Low lights:
  1. The men's tights, and the men's tights.  Seriously, they're just awful. 


  1. I took ballet lessons in New York when I was younger but it was obvious that I had no talent, to my grandmother's despair. She was Russian and wanted me to be a ballerina. I love ballet though, so I enrolled my daughter in ballet classes but she prefers singing. The Nutcracker is playing here in Rome too these days. It's a great ballet. Happy Holidays!

  2. Francesca, I too had no talent. We're better off as spectators, right? Happy new year!


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