Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Domino Effect

Anyone who is as design obsessed as I am fell head over heels in love with Domino when it first made its debut back in 2005.  It started with the idea that style is for everyone, and that great design truly was attainable on any budget level.  And this is where my obsession with graphic prints began with this little beauty from their premier issue.  It sparked what I like to call "The Domino Effect". 

It completely transformed the way I looked at design,  and was instrumental in my desire to create beautiful interiors.  For years, I flipped through the pages of design magazines like Elle Decor, Traditional Home, and Architectural Digest whose pages were filled with only aspirational photos, and the "maybe someday" fantasies of having one of those spaces.  Their interiors were so stunning, but also completely unattainable for the average person on a budget.  Domino completely changed that for so many of us in our quest for creating a beautiful space.  Not only did they show us beautiful interiors, they showed us that it was attainable, and gave us the tools to do it.  Sadly, they became a casualty of the failing economy, and we saw their last issue in March of 2009.  I'm still lamenting over it.  All I can do now is oogle over these inspiration photos, and let out an audible "oooooh" or a "wow" from time to time.  Oh Domino, how I miss you.

And, the issue that never was featuring up and coming designer Sara Gilbane.

Isn't that bold and preppy Lallarookh poppy print by Brunschwig and Fils stunning?

Thank goodness for this little book!  It's' filled with Domino's best of the best, and I look at it all the time for inspiration.  It's not only filled with beautiful interiors, but also helpful how to's and inexpensive design alternatives to help you get the look you want for less.  I highly recommend picking up a copy.

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  1. What's truly remarkable is how Domino's designs continue to stand the test of time. I treasure my old Dominos (and that wonderful book). Thanks for this post - your pictures are some of my favorites.


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