Monday, January 16, 2012

J crew to the rescue

After surgery last week, I was feeling pretty down in the dumps.  My wrist was sore and swollen, and I couldn't perform any of my usual day to day tasks.  No longer could I fix my own hair, put on makeup, or just plain get dressed without help.  It stunk! Thank goodness though for a helpful husband who was quick to come to my rescue.  I know he thoroughly enjoyed being on hair duty.   I'm pretty sure that it was the highlight of his week.  And I'm even more certain that he is thrilled to now have been relieved of said hair drying duties.  It just isn't in his DNA.  Go figure.  And on another note, I did manage to master the art of the one-handed diaper change.  It's a tricky one with a squirmy little toddler I tell you.  Do you think this is a skill that would qualify my entry into the Guinness Book of World Records?  I could be right between the lady with the longest fingernails, and the guy with the largest collection of barf bags.  I'm convinced that I have a pretty good shot.

Anyway, with this glum state of mind that I was in,  I needed a little pick me up.  That's when the new J Crew catalog arrived in the mail.  I know it's silly to think that a magazine could cheer a person up, but it did.  Each page was splashed with vibrant and cheery colors.   Bright yellows, bold blues, eye-catching oranges, and gorgeous greens.  It was just what I needed - a little reminder that spring was just around the corner.  I mean, aren't we all just a little bit tired of winter?  Hurry up spring and get here already!

Isn't J CREW is the master of casual sophistication?  They always mix very refined, tailored pieces with pieces that are more relaxed, but bold in color, and pattern.  Never dull, never boring.  Thanks for the pick me up J CREW!

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