Thursday, January 26, 2012

Double up

I grew up in a little two-bedroom house on beautiful maple tree-lined street.  As you can imagine, space was limited, so we as kids always shared a room.  I really loved sharing a room with my younger brother, and have some very fond memories of those childhood years.  Our room was scarce on square footage, but we seemed to love the coziness of being together in close quarters.  Our two little twin beds were situated in an L-shape, which made it very convenient for me to kick my brother's bed during the night when I was afraid.  It was the perfect set up.  For me anyway.  

This got me thinking about shared children's spaces, and maximizing every little square inch that you have available.  A children's space should not only be functional, but also fun, and inviting - a place to create and at the end of the day, a place to rest from a hard day of play.  These shared children's spaces prove that you really can have it all, and do it without skimping on style. 

If you're really short on space, bunk beds are a great option.

Love the contrast between the red and deep turquoise walls in this bunk room

Why not add some curtain panels for a little extra privacy?

This little bunk bed is perfect for a captain and his first mate.

Love this netting in place of the traditional wooden rails.

How can you go wrong with tangerine? After all, it is pantone's color of the year.

 For long, narrow spaces, beds can be positioned up against the wall.

These built in beds are so fabulous.  I love the contrast of the deep blue against the white.

A vertical stripe tricks the eye, and gives the illusion of more space.  A set of drawers centered between the beds helps to define and separate the two spaces.

Now this is the ultimate in luxury chic.

The traditional side by side

This shared boys and girls room has always been one of my favorites.  It's very sophisticated, yet casual.

I love the calming sophisticated look of this boys room.

I love these industrial pipe beds on casters, and that vintage yellow lawn chair. 

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